Can the United Nations be 'upgraded' to support a NEW Global Model?

Before we consider this question, take a moment to reflect on the tragic mistakes that were made in the past. There were two major opportunities in recent history that could have put humanity on a more intelligent path. Both were missed!

The first occurred almost 100 years ago.

League of Nations

World War 1
‘League of Nations’

After World War 1 (1914-1918) which resulted in about 38 million people being killed, the ‘League of Nations’ was formed. It was an attempt to avoid such an horrific conflict from ever happening again. It failed. The important question is – ‘Why did it fail’?

It failed because the League of Nations never ‘united humanity as a people’. Unity and common purpose would have aligned all countries and their respective governments to the same set of shared interests and goals. This would have removed the competitive aggression between them – and as a result – achieved international peace for all.

Instead – the League of Nations was little more than a ‘political control mechanism’. It was a simplistic attempt to ensure that countries and their respective governments would abide by a set of international rules/laws – which are all too easily broken in a world based on practices of economic aggression and self-interest.

When you examine the underlying factors that fueled this first world war – and that fuels nearly all wars (general human ignorance, economic self-interest, conflicted interests between governments, etc), you realise that as these factors were never addressed by the League of Nations, history would likely repeat itself.

And it did.

United Nations

World War 2
‘United Nations’

This time over 60 million people were killed in WW2 (1939-1945) – and yet AGAIN, the underlying factors were ignored. Another political solution was implemented. This time is was called the ‘United Nations’ and given a ‘military peace-keeping force’ to try to enforce the rules.

It seems almost beyond belief that even after more than 100 MILLION DEATHS from two world wars and countless more conflicts over the centuries, humanity as a people, has still not learnt its most important lesson: that it needs to unite and work together as one people.

What is difficult about choosing to ‘work together as a people’?

As a result of national governments still NOT uniting and working together, there have so far been another 100+ further wars and conflicts irrespective of the formation of the United Nations: Israel/Palestine, Korea, The Cold War, Lebanese, Vietnam, Falklands, Iraq 1 & 2, China/Tibet, Afghanistan, Somalia, Rwanda, Ethiopian, Terror Extremism…to name just a few.

And while humanity is still hanging in there by a thread, it knows that it cannot afford any conflict to erupt into another World War – which if based on nuclear or similarly destructive weapons – would equate to ‘3 strikes and you’re out!’

Is there any reason why the United Nations cannot simply be reformed to ‘represent humanity as a people’ thereby aligning the interests of all countries and their respective governments?

In one word – No. However, while anything is possible, here are 3 points to consider.

  1. Would governments – of their own volition – be willing to give the UN the necessary authority to implement this change?
  2. There are 5 permanent Security Council Members – US, UK, China, France and Russia. They each have ‘veto rights’ over UN Security decisions. This gives them more authority than many other UN member countries. Even when global unity would literally lead to international peace throughout the world, will these security council members relinquish their authority and ‘work as equals’ with other countries?
  3. For decades, many governments have been operating on a basis of competitive aggression, fear, paranoia… while also seeking greater political influence and more economic power and control. Today – there are some serious psychological problems in the political world. The integrity of many political decisions is also often compromised by political lobbying and other corrupt political practices – ‘revolving door’ politics, ‘cash for honours’ scandals, and so forth. Therefore, are politicians even capable of making ethical decisions which are in the best interests of the people?

For a politician to genuinely acknowledge that humanity needs to unite and work together as a people, requires wisdom. For a politician to also acknowledge that ‘conflicted interests’ between governments leads to major problems in the world, requires genuine honesty. For a politician to want to seriously improve the state of the world for all people and not just one’s own country, requires genuine humanity. If there is such a wise, honest and genuine human being in politics, let him/her step forward and speak.

Humanity is most definitely ready to listen to you!


Throughout the world, people have lost faith in politics and governments today. When you see national governments constantly fuel wars through the making and selling of weapons, it does not exactly inspire you with confidence that politicians are even capable of intelligent decisions. While the solutions to the world’s problems are actually incredibly simple, due to the influence of money, self-interest, corporate lobbying, ego issues and decades of political and economic aggression – doing what is right (by simply choosing to work together as a people) – is clearly not so straightforward for some people.

However, given the global crises that we face today, we cannot simply standby and just hope politicians eventually ‘come to their senses’. We have to act and do what is right ourselves.


If political representatives are not willing to do what is right,
and reform of the United Nations is not likely, then it’s up to us – The People.


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