WhatAppenz: Fourth Industrial Revolution Solutions

WhatAppenz: Fourth Industrial Revolution Solutions

Together we'll humanize technology to empower all people!

Hello, I’m George Linicomn founder of WhatAppenz. Would you be interested in learning about the project I’ve started that is currently attracting international Lawyers, team members, collaborators, and supporters from around the world willing to contribute their support (not money!) in helping everyone earn an income from their data while also establishing collective empowerment for all people?

I’m all about not waiting for anyone else to create the systemic changes we need in the world. Because of my unique life experiences I’m becoming an authority on the fourth industrial revolution and building a collective of people for the humanization of advancing technology.

What if I describe to you a plan to not only enable people to control their data but also pay everyone on the planet, not with a UBI (Universal Basic Income), but with a UDI. (Universal Data Income is a universal online payment system implemented by our mobile platform, in order to directly pay our members the majority of our advertising revenue in exchange for those members sharing their data through our platform.)

WhatAppenz is a Hyper-connecting mobile platform for all people to operate at near zero marginal cost and be the first stage in developing a truly customized internet experience for all! Check out our first video. WhatAppenz Video link: (link: https://youtu.be/K6ZI0fa3BqI )  **(Please don’t repost this video!)** This video was created just to give you a simple explanation of our project. We’re currently working on our updated version for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Would you be interested in supporting this global effort by helping us spread the word about our project?

The fact that the world is not prepared for the 4th industrial revolution, is the foremost problem that will effect every industry sector known to man. Our mission is to create the transformative, decentralized platform that will impact every industry sector
worldwide. Internet Fragmentation, connecting the unconnected, worldwide inequality, lack of an international legal framework for future digital infrastructures, and the lack of collaborative global leadership are a few of the social issues that will improve by establishing our solution. Protecting the digital privacy and integrity of all users will be paramount to our iteration as we evolve. Preparing the world, while implementing our ubiquitous mobile application will generate the collaborative funding and effort needed to accomplish the mission set forth by this challenge. Once we establish our humanized operating system, we will see people truly obtaining EMPOWERMENT on a global scale.

Please contact me for more information.
George Linicomn/Whatappenz Founder

Additional information for project clarification:
(WhatAppenz will enable the future that Michael and Johann are talking about in these videos.)


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