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Whatappenz Explained

The world’s current server based internet systems are becoming obsolete, increasingly inefficient and less secured as emerging technologies in data communications, Artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotechnologies advance in ways that will eventually surpass our human capacity to understand them, or keep up.

It’s important that an interdependence between humans and technology be established in order to safeguard humanity against the unforeseen consequences set forth by technological advancements and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Whatappenz is an effort to bridge this gap between humans and technology that establishes omni-connectivity on a global scale. Building our platform through Holochain’s distributed ledger system will enable us all to own, control, and secure our personal data and online digital privacy through our digital devices and networks. Whatappenz will also empower all people, and organizations by enabling their ability to connect to everyone, everything, everywhere while increasingly becoming completely secured against all online threats as more devices are added to our systems over time.

In an effort to offset the rise of A.I., robotics and automation, Whatappenz will implement a program that enables users to monetize their data. UDI: Universal Data Income will be a decentralized online payment system structured through the combined technologies of Whatappenz/Holochain and implemented in order to directly pay all users, or members the majority of Whatappenz advertising revenue in exchange for those members sharing their data through the platform. Let’s think about this concept as a UBI, Universal Basic Income alternative with a lot more benefits for everyone! Please visit Whatappenz.com


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