Why do you believe that humanity can turn things around?

Why do you believe that humanity can turn things around?

As the site has only just gone live, I thought a few introductions would be nice. To get the ball rolling, I’ll start with a message this week. Could one of you please offer to share a message next week? Just drop me a note via your profile. It can be about anything you wish, which you think may be of benefit to the community.

For those of you that don’t know me yet, I take care of the website design and administration while also doing my best to ensure that we maintain professional standards across the site.

Originally from New Zealand, I’ve been living in the UK for the past 16 or so years. I spent about 12 years in London but now live in Birmingham.

During the majority of my life, I have questioned, considered and delved very deeply into all aspects of humanity and life in general. As a species, humanity has phenomenal potential. Let’s face it – it hasn’t been an easy journey on the evolutionary roller-coaster of life and yet miraculously, we’re still here!
Global challenges require a global solution

Even so, what is also now clear, is that we are facing an unprecedented set of global challenges unlike anything that humanity has had to face before. These new global challenges require us to implement a global solution. That requires us to start behaving more like a ‘global society’, instead of a ‘national society’.

If you are on this site, like me, you probably realise that our world could be truly phenomenal if humanity would simply choose to ‘work together as a people’ with a focus towards the common good of all. While this message is simple, its implementation would result in phenomenal benefits across all sectors of society.

People that work together don’t go to war against each other. They don’t sell weapons. They don’t make nuclear threats. They don’t try to destroy their ‘competition’ – politically or economically. They work together to intentionally address problems like international poverty and climate change. They don’t leave people who are homeless, to sleep – and die, on the streets.

People that work together, support one another. They focus on making the world better for everyone!

They share their knowledge. They share their research. This helps them to find cures for illnesses faster. Competition, patents, corporate secrecy, a focus on protecting self-interest…these things all hold us back as a people. How many health problems could be solved today if all medical research agencies and pharmaceuticals openly shared their research and knowledge?

Working together creates a supportive, positive psychology which results in constructive behaviour throughout the world. Competing against each other leads to an aggressive, negative psychology which results in destructive behaviour throughout the world.

A global society that works together makes wiser decisions as it focuses on implementing the most intelligent decisions which will benefit society as a whole – ‘All for one, one for all’.

We can probably agree, that the vast majority of people want to see the world improve. And some also make a real effort to try and help make a difference. However, too many people focus on trying to fix ‘individual symptoms’ when it is far wiser to address the ‘wholistic cause’. Why focus on trying to fix one problem when you can literally fix thousands all at the same time!
Why do you still believe in the potential of humanity?

After many years of struggling to fix a system which is severely broken, many will give up. This brings me to my question – “Why haven’t you given up on humanity?” If you’re on this site, you still believe positive change is possible.


Why do you still believe in the potential for humanity to do what is right when some have lost hope? I think this question is important, as your answers will likely help to inspire others.
Our first Global Community Campaign?

If you submit your reasons, I could summarise our answers into a single collective list based on the input from everyone. For example, ‘TOP 10: Benefits of humanity working together as a people’. This would be our first global campaign together.

As more people join, this campaign would evolve into ‘TOP 20/50/100: Benefits of humanity working together as a people’. If you think this is a good campaign idea to start, please comment below and let me know.

Thank you.


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