What is GLOBAL Cooperation?

'Humanity working together as a people based on the core values and principles that we share.'

Working Together

1. Should we be…

Competing or Working Together?

GLOBAL Cooperation is making a commitment to work together as a people.

If we truly want to fix the global problems in the world, then we must stop competing against each other – and instead work together as a people. Only when we work together as a people, will it be possible to achieve phenomenal progress in the world.

As a global community, this is a message that we need to communicate with the world.

Global Members

2. Core Values


GLOBAL Cooperation recognises the core values and principles that we share as a people.

Regardless of one’s gender, culture, country, race or religion, we share many things in common – like a desire to live in a safe, fair and supportive world. It is our shared humanity which is the foundation of who we are as a people.

As we share similar core values and goals, we are capable of truly working together as one people.


3. Global Engagement

We can achieve anything when we work together

GLOBAL Cooperation is to contribute your unique skills to the world as a valued member of global society.

There is great strength in diversity. When we bring together the incredible range of skills that each person can offer to this global community, it provides a massive resource of potential which can benefit the world.

When we work together as a people, there are no limits to what we can achieve.

Any system based on global cooperation will always represent the very best of us as a people. It will represent the wisdom and intelligence of humanity - not its ignorance.


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