International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO)
of the People

In a GLOBAL Model, humanity ‘works together as a people – for the common good of all’. This intelligent and common sense approach will allow us to solve the world’s problems. To coordinate our global initiatives, we need a professional organisation – an International Humanitarian Organisation of the People.


International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO)

Humanitarian Focus

This International Organisation will focus on addressing the global political, economic, humanitarian and social challenges throughout the world, while supporting the needs of all countries and people.

Scientific Excellence

The international scientific community will provide the necessary expertise and tools to solve the global challenges.

IHO - Framework and Recommendations

Framework & Design

IHO Recommendations

For a more detailed description of the framework for an ‘International Humanitarian Organisation of the People’, this document provides some general recommendations.

It outlines:

  • Why a Global Model is necessary.
  • Key questions to consider when implementing a Global Model.
  • The Transition phase from a ‘National to Global’ Model.
  • The Implementation Strategy.
  • Design, Framework, Standards, Transparency, Accountability, Oversight, etc.
  • Argumentation for each key part of the Organisation.
Global Operations

GLOBAL Operations Center

Coordinates International Operations

In a real world example, a Global Operations Center (simulation above) will coordinate the humanitarian and scientific directives designed to benefit and improve the state of all countries.


Principal roles, directives and responsibilities

What are our shared goals?

The role of the IHO is to improve the quality of life for people in all countries and address the global problems that exist today.

The first step is to identify the global problems. The next, to assess the impact of each problem, its relationship to other problems, and its global risk to society.

Based on the identified problems and risks, the IHO will define a set of shared goals to remediate these problems. Each will be assigned a priority in terms of how urgently the goal needs to be addressed.

Implement Directives to achieve the goals

Once the shared goals have been defined and agreed, global directives will be implemented to address them. These directives will improve the lives of people in all countries, as well as the environmental health of the planet.



As the representative organisation of humanity, the IHO is responsible for implementing intelligent global directives to improve all countries and the state of the planet.

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One of the key reasons why humanity needs a global organisation to represent its best interests, is simply because Nation States are incapable of working together in a competitive economic system. They inevitably focus on ‘national self-interest’. This immediately places them in ‘conflict with each other’. When trying to resolve major international problems – like climate change – their focus on their own self-interest creates problems which are not being resolved. A NEW Global Model will solve these conflicts of interest between countries as it replaces ‘national self interest’ with the ‘global shared interest’ of all countries.

We need a new politically independent global organisation which can objectively act in the best interests of ALL countries, and be directly accountable to ‘the people’. This needs to be a professional organisation which is fully trusted to make intelligent and sensible decisions which benefit all countries and the good of the planet.

Nation States


In a global model, Nation States retain authority at the national level. However, if a national law is in conflict with a humanitarian global directive, the global directive takes precedence.

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While national laws should be respected wherever possible, the simple truth is; nation states have lost the trust of their people.

Over the decades, far too many political decisions have been made for the wrong reasons, whether due to corruption, the influence of political lobbyists, or other self-serving motives. Too many decisions do absolutely nothing to solve the core problems in society. In fact, they actually add to the problems.

For example – international weapon sales. Weapon sales inevitably lead to people being killed, whether by intent or accident (innocent civilians). This behaviour is not solving the core problem; it makes it worse. As wars and conflicts have plagued humanity for centuries, it’s obvious that the current approach (competitive aggression) doesn’t work!

What justification do governments often give for selling weapons? “If we don’t sell weapons, people will lose their jobs.” Or just as insane, “One of our competitors (another country) will sell the weapons instead.”

In a competitive world, this kind of foolish behaviour happens every day. If humanity is to ever solve its problems, intelligence and common sense must replace ignorance and self-interest.

This is one of the greatest benefits of a global model; it will ensure that we implement intelligent decisions which benefit all countries, instead of countries making foolish, self-centred decisions that negatively impact the world.


A Global Model needs to 'bring out the best in us as a people'. As within, so without. As we become more intelligent individuals, we create a more intelligent world.



To truly represent the best interests of humanity, the IHO must be an independent Organisation. It should have no ‘political, national or corporate’ affiliations.

Its purpose is to implement global directives to improve the quality of life for people in all countries while maintaining to wellbeing of the planet and its species.



One of the most profound benefits of a new global model will be the significant improvement in our psychology worldwide.

A world based on ‘global cooperation’ will have an immediate and positive impact on human relations in all countries and across all sectors of society. This will be most evident within the political sector.



An Organisation designed to represent humanity needs to ‘bring out the best in us as a people’. It needs to reflect our core values and highest ideals, while manifesting a shared vision of a better world for all.

The IHO can fulfil this role by adopting a global model based on professional standards and independent oversight.


We need to utilise scientific knowledge in a more open and transparent manner. By globally coordinating our scientific efforts, we will very quickly make phenomenal improvements to all sectors of society.

IHO Sector Teams


Each Sector Team will be responsible for collating the relevant data intelligence of their respective sector.

They will assess the global risks and needs of humanity in-line with the IHO core goals and make appropriate recommendations to improve global society for the benefit of all countries.

Scientific Excellence


As our core goals are the same in a Global Model, humanity will share its scientific knowledge and technological skills on a more open and transparent basis.

This allows us to more effectively coordinate our global efforts and create a more autonomic global society which will further free up our time to advance our scientific knowledge to ever greater heights.

Faster Solutions


When we work together towards our common good, we share our scientific, technological and medical knowledge more openly. This will allow us to find medical cures and implement solutions to global challenges more rapidly!

As a result, lives will be saved and global society will improve at a phenomenal rate.


A Global Model requires governance practices which can be trusted.



The IHO will operate a fully open and transparent system.

All directives will be publicly advertised with clear and concise evidence and/or reasoning for the decisions that are made. When necessary, input and feedback will be requested from relevant sectors and organisations.



For the IHO to achieve its goals, it needs to maintain high standards and be accountable for the decisions that it makes.

While the independent Oversight Panel will help to ensure high standards, representatives of the IHO must also be willing to accept responsibility and be accountable for their decisions and actions.



Independent Oversight will report directly to ‘the people’. The Oversight Panel will also ensure that the IHO is maintaining its standards and meeting its objectives.

This open and transparent approach will ensure that there is complete trust between the IHO, Nation States and international citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a GLOBAL Model?

What is a GLOBAL Model?

A GLOBAL Model is based on humanity ‘working together as a people – for the common good of all’.

This relates to countries and their respective governments working together in global cooperation towards a set of shared goals which benefits them all.

Managing this process is a politically and nationally independent humanitarian organisation of the people.

Why is a GLOBAL Model more intelligent than a National Model?

Why is a GLOBAL Model more intelligent than a National Model?

In a National Model, humanity competes AGAINST itself. Nation states, businesses and individuals are competing against each other – politically and economically, for their own self interest.

As this system literally pits humanity against itself, it is a ‘self-harming’ model which has destroyed countless lives. This aggressive self-centered system leads to endless problems which have plagued humanity for centuries; war and conflict, political aggression between countries, greed, corruption, poverty, extreme wealth inequality, environmental destruction,…well, you know what the problems are. They’re in the news every day!

A GLOBAL Model would put an end to ALL of these problems. It would align the psychology of humanity to the same set of shared goals which equally benefit all countries and people. Cooperation replaces competition. Shared interest replaces self interest.

In a global model, we also utilise technology ‘intelligently’. For example, we will build clean energy cities and communities which will improve the environment, our health, and enhance the overall quality of life for everyone.

The improvements that we make to society globally will also free up our lives from the routine of monotonous jobs, providing us with more time to enjoy life and explore its unlimited possibilities.

Click the following for more information and a comparison chart of a ‘National vs Global’ Model.

How will a GLOBAL Model look to engage ideas and expertise from around the world?

How will a GLOBAL Model look to engage ideas and expertise from around the world?

In a global model, we work together as a people. Part of this process is about engaging the ideas and expertise of individuals and organisations from around the world. Here is an example.

  1. Based on our shared goals as a people, the IHO will create global directives to improve the state of the world for all countries. These directives will utilise any relevant information and/or scientific evidence that it has available.
  2. When a global directive is created, it will be posted publicly for input and review.
  3. If the directive can be improved (through a valid argument and/or evidence), it will be amended accordingly.
  4. When the review period ends, the directive is implemented.


What is the IHO?

What is the IHO?

For a global model to function effectively, it requires an Organisation to create and coordinate global directives that will enhance the state of the world for all countries and people. This Organisation needs to make independent decisions which will act in the best interests of all countries.

Just like the human body relies on the ‘heart and mind’ to make sensible and intelligent decisions on its behalf, this Organisation will make sensible and intelligent decisions which will be in the shared interests of all countries and people.

The IHO therefore needs to be ‘politically and nationally’ independent. Its decisions should not be influenced by the political or national agenda of any individual country or nation state. Instead, its mandate should be to ‘represent the best interests of humanity and the planet’.

Is the IHO similar to the UN?

Is the IHO similar to the UN?

The IHO represents what the League of Nations and United Nations should have been!

The United Nations should have ‘united humanity as a people’ allowing us to effectively work together to create a better world for EVERYONE. It should have transitioned humanity to a more intelligent Global Model which is necessary to end the ‘conflicted interests between national governments’ that are stuck in a state of competitive self-interest. This didn’t happen.

The UN should also be ‘politically independent’. Its focus should be to represent and support the needs of humanity and the planet – NOT political self-interest. After 100 years and more than 100 million deaths from war and conflict in the last century alone, we need to fix the mistakes of the past.

It’s time to work together as a people for the benefit of all.

How does this site relate to a GLOBAL Model and the IHO?

How does this site relate to a GLOBAL Model and the IHO?

As much as is practically possible, this website – which is an evolving working model – attempts to meet a number of objectives.

  1. To educate and inform people about the need for a new Global Model.
  2. To show how a Global Model will phenomenally improve the state of the world.
  3. To highlight how a Global Model can be implemented via an ‘International Humanitarian Organisation of the People’.
  4. To steadily progress towards implementing the IHO as a functional Organisation.

How do we implement a GLOBAL Model?

Implementing a GLOBAL Model to solve the world’s problems is incredibly simple.

It’s a decision. As a people, we just need to support it!

Visit #LetsGoGLOBALfor more information.


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