Global shared interest is wiser than national self-interest

Global challenges require a Global Model.

While economic competition and self-interest exists between national governments, you cannot solve the world's problems. Conflicted interests can only be resolved through unity and common purpose.


It is only by working together as a people that we can actually put an end to the ‘Us-vs-Them’ competitive culture in the world. As this will align our focus to ‘global cooperation’ – instead of competition, this next progressive step in our social evolution will significantly improve the state of the world for all countries. Read more.

to solve the world's problems.





National Political Model
Global Humanitarian Model

The National Political Problem

It has been highlighted from different perspectives on this website, why a humanitarian global model is so necessary and important to resolving the world’s problems. National Governments, which are constantly conflicted due to a focus on their own competitive political and economic self-interest, cannot solve the world’s global problems. The media has been reporting on their failings for decades!

It often only takes ‘one link to be broken in the chain of national governments’ which need to agree on how to address a global challenge (whether it’s Economic, Climate Change, Nuclear Proliferation,…) and things fall apart. The moment any major influential country decides that a new global policy is not in their national, political or strategic interest, they block it, veto it, or just bail out. How can humanity truly progress as a people in such a self-centred environment?

When we urgently need wise and visionary leadership, all that we often see on the political stage is ‘entrenched nationalistic backward-thinking mentality’. We are the true political visionaries?

Secular politics is aggressive, Us-vs-Them thinking.

One of the most important principles to understand about the current state of the world is the direction that humanity needs to be moving in order to solve its global challenges. As a people, we need to move towards a global model which can address the global challenges and benefit ALL COUNTRIES.

After decades of aggressive, self-serving politics, many in government and national security circles struggle with the simple ability to work together in partnership and cooperation with other countries. There has been too much hostility and distrust.

The simple truth is, humanity cannot work together as a people while individual national governments want to continue to put their own self-interest first. This focus on ‘self-interest’ places all governments ‘in opposition’ with each other. How many times have you heard these words – We will put ‘America first’, ‘Britain first’. Or it is not in ‘Russia’s interest’, or the ‘interests of China’. This self-centred competitive ‘Us-vs-Them’ mentality creates the world’s problems; it doesn’t solve them.

Social Evolution

As a people, we have been previously transitioned from a tribal to local to national model when it became necessary. As we now live in a globally interconnected world where we share similar global interests, a global model is simply the next necessary transition in our social evolution.

These transitions naturally coincide with an increase in population size. In the last 70 or so years, our global population tripled in size – from 2.5 to 7.5 billion people! This increase in population places greater demands on the existing system. As the system is based on national competition and self-interest, it leads to a further increase in tension between national governments as they start to more aggressively compete for access to natural resources. This competitive aggression inevitably also results in a negative impact on the planet and its natural wildlife.

As a result of the increasing global stress factors, aggressive political rhetoric tends to rise with many insisting on putting their own country’s interests ‘first’.

However, this approach is a mistake. Aggression is not the answer. Being supportive and working together as a people is what humanity needs to solve its global challenges. Nationalistic, secular politics will only take humanity backwards. The global challenges that we now face require us to move forward and adopt a more intelligent global approach.

The time has now come for us to awaken to a simple, yet important realisation – We are HUMANITY. We are one people. And we need to start working together as one people, to create a better world for all.


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