What is our leadership focus?

Our leadership focus is based on supporting the implementation of a new global model to help unite humanity as a people. This is necessary to ensure that all countries can work together successfully to address the global challenges that we face today.

Global Model

A global model will phenomenally improve the state of the world. For this community to achieve it, we need to respect some key principles.

  1. We need to work together as a people.
  2. Professionalism is required. People will respect the value and importance of this message if it is presented professionally.
  3. Our leadership and path forward needs to be guided by clear wisdom and relevant expertise. Our decisions should always be supported by sound reasoning and/or relevant factual evidence. This helps to ensure that we make the most intelligent decisions based on the available information. It also helps to ensure that we make the right decisions for the right reasons.
  4. Standards are essential. There needs to be sufficient standards in place to ensure that all members – including those fulfilling leadership responsibilities – are aligned with the values, principles and goals that we share as a global community.

Our Ethos

Our leadership ethos is simple – ‘We either work together as a people…or we don’t work at all’.

For the sake of all people – both present and future generations – it is absolutely essential that we work together as a global community. Regardless of the negativity in the world, this is the time when we need to accept the challenge and find it within ourselves to live up to our true potential as a people.

When we each make a small positive contribution towards the goals that we share, we have the ability to greatly improve the state of the world for EVERYONE.

This is what it means to ‘work together as a people’.

Humanity Working Together

Community Focus

As this is a global community effort, our focus will be on the contributions made by individual IHO members.

We will regularly share with the international community some of the best contributions and ideas from individual members. This serves to acknowledge the positive efforts of individual members and allow EVERYONE within the international community to benefit from the ideas, experiences and contributions made by others.

Through unity and working together, we can all benefit from the positive contributions that we each make as individuals.

Global Members

International Leadership

As this international community continues to grow, we will establish a community and organisation leadership model. It will focus on further improving the community as a whole, while also enhancing the quality and standards of each individual sector – Unity, Economics, Environment, etc.

As we progressively move forward together, we will continue to develop and improve our community tools and resources. To help others to fully appreciate why it is essential that we work together to address our global challenges, we will need to produce professional quality resources which highlight the world’s problems and explain how they can be resolved through our unity and cooperation.


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