Why personal criticism of others is not allowed on this site.

  • IS ANYONE PERFECT? – A wise person once said, “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Humans are not perfect. We all make mistakes. It’s a part of life. What matters is that we make an effort to become better people. We need to work together to improve the world, not make personal attacks against each other.
  • FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM, NOT THE PERSON – Attacking or criticising a person does not fix the problem. Ask yourself, ‘Why does an Us-vs-Them culture exist’? Why the opposing views? Can we work together to address our differences? If we want to make a positive difference, we need to focus on the core problem/s behind human behaviour.
  • BLAMING AN INDIVIDUAL IS OFTEN ‘SIMPLISTIC’ – While it is easy to blame a single individual for a war or a failing political system, it is also naive. No one can fight a war by them self. No one person is responsible for the failings of an entire political system. As individuals, we all share a responsibility for what happens in the world. What are we doing to help make a positive difference?
  • DO PERSONAL ATTACKS OR CRITICISMS HELP? – When you see a string of aggressive comments, expletives or personal attacks on a social media or news site, do you think such behaviour ever makes a positive difference? Does anyone positively benefit from the experience? Do personal attacks or criticisms ever improve relationships between people? It’s better to stay focused on what you can do to help make a positive difference.
  • WE ALL NEED TO LIFT OUR GAME – Do personal criticisms and attacks on our fellow man help to improve our global society? Society will only improve if we all ‘lift our game’ and stay focused on how we can solve our global problems – TOGETHER.


It is important that we focus on addressing the key problems in the world – NOT attacking our fellow man for his/her beliefs or views. Please respect this guideline at all times. Failure to do so may result in any content that you post on this site being withdrawn, deleted and/or your account being disabled.


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