We are destined to unite and work together as a people. Historically speaking, we have always been on this path.



Tribes | Clans

Population: 1,000,000+

Tribal Model


Tribal Self-Interest

In the early years of human history, population groups were much smaller and scattered around different parts of the world. However, when these small tribes came into contact with each other, there would arise the inevitable ‘conflicts of interest’ over food, hunting territory, etc. If avoidance was not possible, they would have to make a choice.

'Work together as a larger community - or compete/fight.'

If one group was significantly larger and more powerful than the other, often the smaller one would receive a simple ultimatum – ‘join us or die’. Or the more dominant powerful group might simply decide to enslave the weaker group. If they were equally matched, then both sides would be more inclined to come to some kind of arrangement. To go to war, would mean that they would both lose out.

The life lesson here: safety in numbers. Each tribe would therefore focus on how to increase its numbers as quickly as possible in order to improve their chance of survival.

This ‘survival instinct’ (encouraged by LIFE) inevitably leads to an increase in population numbers, which leads to the development of larger civilizations: Mesopotamia, Chinese Dynasties, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc. And this in turn leads to larger conflicts – and some new alliances.


Early Civilisations

Population: 100,000,000+

Local Model


Local Self-Interest

With the steady increase in population, local civilisations, empires and dynasties begin to emerge. Inevitably they too would face the same ‘conflicted interests’ and therefore have to make the same decision as those before them; unite and work together…or go to war. Some united. Others went to war.

Eventually, many local conflicts and territorial disputes would be ‘resolved through unity’ by Nationalising – whether by decree, legal constitution or war.

This transition led to the formation of the many National Governments that exist today.


Individual Country's

Population: 1,000,000,000+

National Model


National Self-Interest

With the dawn of the industrial age and revolutionary advances in science, global human population began to rapidly increase. However, political and economic competition between countries remained unchanged and simply intensified. This aggressive competition and self-interest eventually took its toll. Two world wars were the result and millions were killed. The ‘League of Nations’ (above photo) and ‘United Nations’ failed to make any difference.

Even after such global devastation, we have still NOT yet learned our most important lesson; that we need to work together as one people to solve our problems. We continue to compete AGAINST each other, and as a result, the global problems are becoming ever more dangerous.

Climate Change, Food Shortages, Global Economic Recessions, Corrupt Governments, Rogue Security Agencies, Military Industrial Complex, Increasing Nuclear Threats, Bio-Weapon Expansion, Artificial Intelligence Technology Concerns, etc. Every one of these factors poses a threat to the stability and safety of global society today.

To transition to a globally safe world, it is vital that we transition to a globally unified world. When we show our support for one another by choosing to work together as a people towards our common good, only then are we truly on the SAME TEAM and capable of real peace and progress.


One United Community

Population: 5,000,000,000+


Working Together as a People

We are in this transition phase now – moving from National to Global.

With the arrival of the internet and true international communication, we are now a globally connected world. We need to use that global connectivity to unite as a people. This will enable us to complete the transition towards global unity before the stress factors of a nationally competitive system escalate out of control.

Historically – National Government or ‘national unity’ allowed Local Communities to overcome their conflicted interests. Global unity is now necessary to help National Government’s overcome their conflicted interests too.

This next transitional step is also very important for one key reason – It will be the first time in our history that we are now ‘psychologically united’ as a people. Instead of competing against each other, we will make a commitment to work together as a people towards the same shared goals. This will allow us to transition to a more intelligent system based on global cooperation which will benefit EVERYONE.


Join the dots...

Universal Model


The story continues…

Once humanity has proven that it has the necessary maturity to truly work together as a people, then there will no longer be any limitations (economic or otherwise) holding it back. As a result, it will phenomenally improve all sectors of global society!

Through unity, cooperative teamwork and the open sharing of knowledge worldwide, it will successfully achieve many breakthroughs in all scientific fields including discoveries required for advanced space travel and exploration.

By uniting and working together as a people, humanity will have demonstrated that it has the necessary intelligence and maturity to respect the core values, principles and universal laws of life. It will have therefore proven that it can now be trusted with the responsibility of interacting with life beyond its own solar system while also respecting the inherent ‘universal laws of life’. Technological and psychological maturity go hand-in-hand. The more technically advanced a society becomes, the more maturity it MUST demonstrate if it wants to avoid destroying yourself.

No species is therefore ever going to be technologically advanced enough to leave its local solar system unless it has also sufficiently matured. This is an intelligent safeguard put in place by LIFE.


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