To implement a NEW GLOBAL Model where humanity works together as a people.

To fully appreciate why a global model offers so many benefits that will phenomenally improve the state of the world, we must first understand why so many problems currently exist today.

What is the core problem?

A system based on 'Competition & Self Interest'

The current Nation-centric model is based on political and economic 'competition and self-interest'. This will ALWAYS lead to conflicted interests between countries, businesses and society as a whole. Conflicted interests between nation states, businesses and individuals creates the world's problems. How are we supposed to fix the world's problems with a system that creates them?!

Nation-centric Model

National Model

Competition and Self-Interest

A Nation-centric model with each country focused on its own interests – in political, economic and military competition with the others – leads to aggression and a state of ‘conflicted interests’ between all countries. This results in serious problems.

The focus on political, economic and military ‘competition and self-interest’ creates major problems in the world – war, nuclear threats, political divisions, greed, corruption, extreme wealth inequality, environmental destruction…literally hundreds of problems!

A system based on competition and self interest is fundamentally flawed! It leads to aggressive and corrupt behaviour. It destroys peoples’ lives. A single issue – like ‘financial stress’ – will lead to multiple offshoot problems: job layoffs, mental depression, drug and alcohol issues, relationship breakdowns, suicides, etc.

When nations meet to discuss global problems, their focus is to look after their ‘own interests’. The competitive structure of society (Us-vs-Them) is why we continually fail to fix the problems in the world today. Many of these problems – like war and poverty – have been ongoing for centuries!

As long as humanity is ‘competing AGAINST itself’, it will always suffer from major political, economic and social problems. This foolish model brings out the WORST in human behaviour.

RESULT: Humanity remains in ‘conflict with itself’. Its interests are NEVER aligned as a people. This leads to endless problems in the world.

What is the intelligent solution?

A Global Model based on 'Cooperation & Shared Interest'

We need to transition to a Global Model based on the 'cooperation and shared interests' of all countries. This will align Humanity to a more intelligent approach where we devote our global knowledge, technology and resources to creating a better world for ALL people. It will also solve more than 50 MAJOR political, economic, social and environmental problems in the world today.

Global United Model


Cooperation and Shared Interest

A Global Model is based on all countries working together in true cooperation for the benefit of ALL PEOPLE – resulting in an incredibly positive and supportive world. This approach makes intelligent sense as it supports and benefits all people.

A global model is an intelligent model as it is based on the principles of cooperation and shared interest. By working together as a people towards our common good – WE ALL BENEFIT. This practical and common sense approach would phenomenally improve all sectors of society, in all countries.

One of the major benefits will be the phenomenally positive impact that it will have on our global psychology. A model based on cooperation and shared interest is psychologically ‘supportive’. This will improve and benefit relations between all nations, and significantly improve trust and respect between individuals.

As there is a new focus on achieving goals based on our collective interest, there would also be a more positive approach and successful outcome to international meetings – ‘What can each of us do to help achieve our shared goals so that we all benefit?’

Based on a set of shared values and goals, humanity works together to create a better world for all countries and people. This approach is intelligent and will bring out the BEST in humanity.

RESULT: Humanity’s interests are now aligned as a people. This allows us to solve the world’s problems and create a better world for EVERYONE.


We can only truly solve our problems by working together as a people. Our goal is therefore to 'unite the interests' of humanity by transitioning from a National to Global Model, from self-interest to shared interest - from 'Me' to 'WE' thinking.

If this makes intelligent sense to you, and you agree that working together for our common good is the right thing to do, then the next question is - How do we implement it?

Can National Governments implement this change?


Do the political leaders of the world’s nations have the necessary maturity, respect and trust in each other, to make a commitment to work together for the common good of all people?

If they did, a Global Model would already exist!

Instead, there are are constant reports from news agencies about the internal conflicts of partisan politics and the political aggression between countries.

Most governments also have major internal problems. These problems include immature egotism, political power games, politics-for-hire lobbying, revolving-door politics, blatant corruption, and so forth. Due to these serious political problems, it is unrealistic to expect nation states to support the implementation of a global model without sufficient public support. However, as a global model is inevitable, it will happen. At some point, someone within the political world will have the wisdom to share this vision with the world.

Who will it be?

What about the United Nations – can it be ‘upgraded’?

UN Security Council

Will the Nation States of the world willingly choose to give authority to an ‘independent’ United Nations which could unite them all under a single banner of global cooperation that would benefit EVERYONE?

This again is one of those ‘It’s a nice idea, but…’.

While it makes perfect sense for the United Nations to fulfil a role for humanity that should have been implemented 100 years ago, it is also not likely to happen without serious international and political support.

To read more about the challenges of upgrading the role of the United Nations, check out the related article.


If Nation States are unwilling or incapable of working together for our common good, and upgrading the international role of the United Nations is not likely to happen, then it becomes the responsibility of the people. To solve our global problems and secure our future, we need to unite and work together as an international community.


As a global community, we will coordinate our efforts and work together on a range of strategies to achieve our shared goals as efficiently as possible. Our unity and combined numbers will become one of our greatest strengths. How can you help?

Some people can contribute time. Some money. Some skills. Some can do all three. Some are talented organisers, facilitators or community engagers. Some will want to focus on addressing the environmental problems while others may want to focus on the political challenges. There are those that can help get the word out by social media and those that can help provide resources to the community. We can all contribute positively in some way. What role you play and how you wish to engage - is your choice.

What are the first steps?

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