Political Petitions

Today, there are a number of websites that support petitions. By its very definition, a petition ‘petitions some entity’ to support a particular idea. Whether the decision-maker agrees to support the idea, is ultimately up to them.

Is there any point in trying to petition a dysfunctional, compromised or corrupt system?

It is common knowledge that there are serious problems with many national governments around the world. These problems include everything from ‘politics for hire’ lobbying and revolving-door political deals, to outright fraud and financial corruption. Corporations which are keen to gain political support for their own economic agenda also play a role in corrupting government decisions. While many in politics and the corporate sector try to claim that nothing ‘illegal’ is taking place, it’s open knowledge that these practices compromise the integrity of the system and everyone knows it.

For this reason, political petitions can have very limited impact. It will often depend on the focus of the petition. If the petition conflicts with the agenda of a politician, political party or corporate interest, it will most likely be ignored. If not, it may achieve a positive result.


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