Breaking through the Brick Wall

Breaking through the Brick Wall

I have been involved with the development of the IHO for some time and I have also been involved with other humanitarian endeavours but there seems to be a brick wall that emerges repeatedly. The fundamental question is how can the IHO learn from this repetition and help humanity work together as a mature and rational species in a spirit of global cooperation?

The fundamental responsibility of the IHO is to help coordinate all the independent humanitarian activities that currently exist. It is to develop an organised unification of all those who want to be members of the IHO, alongside support for those who are working externally for the same purpose. It is about going beyond tribalism and labels and being part of the inherent and scientifically proven unity.This task will have many challenges because aspects of humanity also has a need to be separate and competitive. It is important to remember that all effective and transformative solutions have been empirically proven to succeed by simply working together. This success has happened through inherent unity whether it is in an organisation, family or relationship. Working together in a spirit of cooperation is the most simple and obvious process. We have discovered some of the wonders of the universe and cracked the DNA code, but we are still divided. The process of working together only need to have an advanced global communications system, which would then lead to the solutions to so many global issues. We could then begin to look at the deeper questions arising from the fundamental purpose of humanity and explore the unknown.

This may sound far-fetched from where we are today because we are so accustomed to the conflicting world situation that is based on separative ignorance. It seems impossible to simply work together beyond self-interest (which is different from personal aspiration) because it is supported by the current economic system that perpetuates the focus on survival and greed. We are currently in this self-centred system and cynicism and frustration are only a natural reaction for those who truly and sensibly care. However, we must now mature beyond reaction.

How do we start the process of action?

Projects must go beyond separateness and decisions can come from people who truly care at both rational and compassionate level. People working together from across the world with different backgrounds, skills and talents can solve the present global crisis. A wide variety of projects can internationally lead to interconnection to suit the interests, skills and needs of each person via the IHO and then become unstoppable with it’s remarkable effectiveness.

The wider purpose of the IHO is to enable all people to explore every stage of their life using the tools that exist in the whole practical intelligence and deep wisdom of humanity. This is often missing in other humanitarian endeavours and so leads to egotism and conflict.

At present time the global economic system is based on fear and self-interest, and this will only come to an end by working together with the art of this learning process. International peace and cooperation can be achieved using a global communications system that will make the intelligent solutions achievable.

It is a macrocosm of the microcosms, in which these microcosms are currently separate across the world but are working with the same psychological intention. Solutions already exist across the world and therefore working together using an IHO will lead to transformation and implementation like never before in history for the whole of global society.

The IHO is about doing what is right from an orderly functioning process beyond egotistical competition. This is achieved by being based on our inherent common good, a sense of unity and mutual respect.

The IHO functions as closely associated groups, endeavouring to act precisely with one another, and to be aware of the psychological obstacles to our co-operative action.

So how can the IHO fulfil this purpose?

We need what all wise and intelligent teachings call ‘harmony and order’ to fully manifest in the world and be the leading rational and organic international process. A more harmonious relationship alongside co-operative action is clearly possible today. Inevitably this cooperation will still have obstacles but the aim is to make it happenby using online communication, conferences and local discussions in one harmonious whole. This will clearly lead to a new international humanitarian society based on authentic international cooperation and intelligence.

Although working with other organisations will be greatly encouraged, there has never been a systematic effort to contact such humanitarian organisations and notify them of what is being done with a IHO perspective.

At present the IHO is still at a early stage of development and has been launched with a highly professional website. This is can now be the vehicle for working together on all intelligent strategies and successfully as one humanity.

This is not only possible but inevitable


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