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Cooperation and Shared Interest

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These are the values and principles of the International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO). As members, we make a commitment to work together in support of these values and principles so that we can improve the state of the world for all people.



We acknowledge that humanity needs to unite and work together as a people to effectively solve its global problems. When we make a simple commitment to work together towards our common good, there is literally no limit to the many ways in which we can coordinate our efforts to improve the state of the world and quality of life for EVERYONE.

Values & Principles

  • GLOBAL MODEL – We Work Together as a People.
  • International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO). Helps to support and coordinate the actions of our global community so that we can work together to address the current global challenges – Economic, Environment, Health, Social, etc.
  • Global Cooperation. All IHO Members are welcome to participate and contribute towards improving the IHO and our global community. We support a humanitarian common-sense approach.
  • National Government Cooperation. Instead of competing against each other for their own self-interest, National Governments should be cooperating and working together.
  • Cooperation and shared interest needs to replace competition and self-interest.
  • International Peace. A unified world where countries and governments work together to create a better world for EVERYONE will result in international peace for all.

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Working Together: When humanity makes a commitment to work together for the common good of all people, it will achieve international peace.


A global economic system based on 'competition and self-interest' is responsible for centuries of aggression and destruction. The simple reality is, that we cannot truly improve the state of the world when we have a system that sets 'humanity in opposition' with itself. This system will always result in ignorance - everything from greed and exploitation, to global corruption and war. It is now also having a destructive impact on the planet's environment and its species. We need to work together to support a more intelligent approach.

Values & Principles

  • We transition to a new global economic model which positively supports the global community.
  • We implement a new 1% global currency initiative to help address the global problems.
  • Global economic inequality will be addressed with a new global model.
  • We recognise that the monetary system will naturally become a redundant tool when sufficient social & technological maturity has been achieved.

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Ethical Economics Chart

Ethical Economics: Encourage and reward business decisions and ideas which are ethical and that help to positively improve society and the planet.


The world's climate scientists are overwhelmingly in agreement that the planet's warming climate is directly linked to CO2 emissions created by fossil fuels. This is having a very dangerous and destructive impact on the sensitive global eco-system of the planet and the fragile habitat of wildlife today. We need to globally implement clean energy solutions as urgently as possible.

We have a responsibility to all species to protect the health and diversity of this wonderful planet.

Values & Principles

  • Clean Energy Technology needs to replace dirty energy fossil fuels.
  • Environmental resources need to be sustainable.
  • Pollution levels need to be minimised.
  • Wildlife and their natural habitats need to be protected.

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Healthy Coral

The Environment: As a people, it is our responsibility to care for the planet and its natural environment which is home to millions of species and an incredible diversity of life.


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