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A global economic system based on 'competition and self-interest' is responsible for centuries of pain and destruction. Regardless of what politicians or others may tell you, you cannot truly improve the state of the world when you have a system that sets 'humanity in opposition with itself'. This system will always result in the worst acts of ignorance imaginable - everything from individual greed and exploitation to global wars. And if it continues, the ongoing destruction of the planet and many of its species. This system needs to change!

Values and Principles

  • Global Economic Transition. We need to ‘phase-transition’ society step-by-step towards adopting a new global currency which can be used to support a global model for cooperation and shared-interest.
  • 1% Global currency support. Based on the same IHO Funding model, all countries would initially donate 1% of their national income to this humanitarian-focused global currency. Remember, in a global model, countries and their governments are now WORKING TOGETHER. This positively transforms the economic system compared to how it currently operates. This 1% Global Humanitarian Fund will allow all countries to coordinate their efforts to effectively address the urgent global humanitarian challenges that we face today.
  • Economic Equality. As a global currency model will eventually apply to everyone, economic equality is stabilised. Tax havens/avoidance will no longer be possible. Divisions between rich/poor will be equalised. All countries and corporations will operate under the same international ‘humanitarian and economic’ laws with a primary focus on improving the standard of living and quality of life for all people.
  • Social & Technological Maturity. As global technology continues to advance (robotics, computer automation, etc) and is able to meet the individual needs of global society (Food, Water, Housing, Sanitation, etc), the monetary system will naturally become redundant. Humanity will now devote its time to the quest of individual/spiritual development and space exploration. People will have more free time to spend with their family’s and will enjoy a far greater quality of life.

When considering the changes that are necessary to address the economic corruption and problems in the world today, the key word is ‘transition’. As the monetary system is totally integrated into society – much like the blood circulatory system in your body, it is not possible to just totally remove it from society without causing major problems.

Instead, a phased transition/transfusion is necessary to address the problems. If the blood in your body was contaminated/corrupted, you would need a transfusion to purify it. As we transition to a single global currency (which will allow us to more effectively work together as a people), we can also ‘filter out’ the corrupt elements that contaminate the existing system – E.G. Tax havens and tax-avoidance practices.

As this new global economic model will put an end to tax avoidance and tax havens, it will lead to a ‘cleaner and fairer’ system.

When you also incorporate ‘ethical economics’ practices which positively support and benefit global society, the economic system can be a powerful tool for positive change. Assist and economically reward businesses to support positive practices that will help improve society and people’s lives, and you will encourage better ethical decisions by all.

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There are many other ways to further improve the economic system so that it becomes a more positive and useful tool. It will be up to IHO members to make their own recommendations.

Psychologically – a global economic model that ‘serves the needs of humanity as a people’ is the principle focus here. Providing it is always founded on humanitarian principles, it will retain its integrity within a global model based on cooperation and shared-interest.

Ethical Economics Chart

Ethical Economics: Encourage and reward business decisions and ideas which are ethical and that help to positively improve society and the planet.


– Outdated and Primitive –

Based on:

Competition and Self-Interest

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The world’s economic system has a massive corruption problem!

With everything from the obscene division between rich and poor, money laundering, tax havens, corporate tax avoidance, political expense scandals, banking scandals, media corruption and bribery, sports corruption, to insider trading and fraud on stock markets – all resulting in repetitive global economic recessions, the economic system has become a cancer of corruption throughout the world. The Oscar nominated film “The Big Short” summed up the last economic crash very well.

In a competitive economic system based on self-interest, you will always have these kinds of problems. And due to the disunity between countries and their respective governments, they cannot fix these problems. As competition and self-interest motivates their individual decisions, these decisions will often be aggressive and/or deceitful as each attempts to gain the upper-hand over their ‘competition’. This kind of behaviour inevitably leads to further aggression and the continual breakdown of international relations and trust. International spying and computer hacking add to the problems. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends.

A competitive system based on economic self-interest results in…

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  • Massive Global Corruption. Today, there is a massive problem with global economic corruption. As political corruption and self-interest is also a problem, governments lack the necessary respect to work together to resolve these problems.
  • International Gambling Casino. International Stock Exchange’s are treated more like ‘International Gambling Casinos’ by many traders, with the typical goal being ‘to make as much money as possible, in the shortest possible time’. Traders will ‘bet’ on any type of trade – a currency going up/down, a stock rising/falling, etc. Is this why a stock exchange exists – to support gambling?
  • Economic Irresponsibility. The last global Economic Recession in 2008 has been proven to be a classic case of greed and self-interest. The guilty party’s included virtually everyone – Housing Mortgage Brokers, Banks, Government Officials, Financial Standards Rating Agencies, etc. As a result of the economic collapse, millions lost jobs around the world and lives were shattered.
  • Foolish behaviour – even when we know better. Another major problem with this system, is that even when some Politicians and Corporate CEO’s know right from wrong, if there’s money involved, they will still make the wrong choice. Ethics, and doing what is right, is overridden by foolish self-interest.
  • Lies, Lobbying, Bribes, Back-Handers,… A system based on self-interest also creates other unethical behaviour in all sectors of society. Politicians will constantly lie to the public. They will cover up the truth, as will others in the corporate sector when money and self-interest is involved.

When you consider the serious range of problems that a system based on economic competition and self-interest creates in the world, no rational intelligent person would ever choose such a defective model when a wiser option exists. Why choose a model that pits humanity against itself, when you can choose a model where we work together as a people and everyone benefits. One makes sensible; the other is primitive, aggressive and destructive to the planet and people’s lives!

Psychologically – and literally – the existing system actually encourages people to put their own self-interest first, instead of working together with others where everyone benefits. It is actually encouraging people to do the wrong thing – instead of what is right!

This is the foolishness of this system. Even when the answers to our problems are completely obvious, a system based on self-interest will still encourage people to do the wrong thing. To protect their self-interest, a person might lie, deceive, manipulate and corrupt the truth. This is also why national governments never act to fix the problems – self-interest. As many politicians are also being influenced by corporate lobbyists and 3rd-party vested interests who donate to their political campaigns and fund their parties, it has become unrealistic to expect them to do what is right.

A system based on ‘shared interest’ or cooperation has the complete opposite effect on society.

It encourages all people to do what is RIGHT – to be honest, supportive and helpful to others, as it is in EVERYONE’s INTEREST to produce the best ideas and results so that we ALL BENEFIT as a result. One of our greatest achievements – the ‘International Space Station’ – is a rare example of where we have decided to cooperate and work together as a people. As a result, all countries benefit.

Transparency International: Corruption is a major global problem today. Psychologically speaking, any system based on ‘competition and self-interest’ will inevitably lead to problems as it creates ‘conflicted interests’ within society.


"How can we possibly fix the world's problems if we do nothing to change the aggressive political and economic competitive system which creates the problems in the first place?"


Competition and self-interest between national governments, political parties, corporations and individuals leads to countless problems throughout the world. This is reported in the media every day. Here are a few examples relating to economics.

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"A competitive system based on economic self-interest psychologically encourages people to focus on their own 'self-interest'. It actually encourages each person to selfishly focus on themself, instead of working together with others; to do what is wrong, instead of what is right!"

"My principles are more important than the money or my title."
Muhammad Ali

"My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time."
Steve Jobs


This System will NEVER work properly. It can’t!

This is because it is based on ‘competition and self-interest’ – political, economic and individual. This leads to a constant state of ‘conflicted interests’ – resulting in endless problems. Only our unity and common purpose as a people can correct this critical fault.


We need to put an end to the ‘US-vs-THEM’ competitive culture in the world. By choosing to work together as a people, countries are united in ‘global cooperation’ – instead of divided by competition. This next progressive step in our social evolution will significantly improve the state of the world. Read more.


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