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Cooperation and Shared Interest

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The world's climate scientists are overwhelmingly in agreement that the planet's warming climate is directly linked to CO2 emissions created by fossil fuels. This is having a very dangerous and destructive impact on the sensitive global eco-system of the planet and the fragile habitat of wildlife today. We need to globally implement clean energy solutions as urgently as possible.

Values and Principles

  • Clean Energy Technology needs to replace dirty fossil fuels. We acknowledge the urgent need to transition to clean energy technology which will purify the planet’s eco-system and rebalance its climate.
  • Environmental resources need to be sustainable. Global resources need to be managed more intelligently. Sustainability should not just value the need to respect the planet’s natural resources, but also value those resources in relation to the planet’s eco-system and wildlife.
  • Pollution levels need to be minimised. Pollution (Air, Water, Noise, Light, etc) is a major problem affecting the health state of both people and planet. We need to look at solutions to minimise pollution levels in all sectors of society.
  • Wildlife and their natural habitats need to be protected. This planet is home to millions of species – not just one. We need to respect the interdependent relationship that we share with other species and the natural balance and role that each contributes to the whole.

Due to the destructive impact that fossil fuels are having on the world’s environment and oceans, we need to transition to clean energy world as quickly as possible. If our world was already based on a global model of cooperation and shared interest, this transition would be remarkably simple! However, when the world is based on a system or economic competition and self-interest, it becomes a lot more difficult.

This is one of the MAJOR problems with a system based on self-interest. Every time humanity needs to do the right thing for the right reasons, political and/or economic self-interest gets in the way and creates problems. Politicians and Company Executives will resist doing what is right if they consider it goes against ‘their interests’. In the end, we all pay the price.

When you have a system based on ‘shared interest’, you don’t have the same problems. People ‘positively contribute and do the right thing’ because it is in their interest to do so. In this way, we ALL BENEFIT!

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In a system based on shared interest, all governments would happily coordinate their efforts to achieve the goal of a clean energy world. They would provide the necessary support to the oil industry to help make the transition to clean energy alternatives and no jobs would need to be lost at all. This is also because a global model is based on a ‘supportive’ framework – unlike the existing competitive ‘everyone-for-themself’ model.

A global model is a natural win-win for humanity, and also a win-win for the world’s environment.

Psychologically – the intelligence of ‘cooperation and shared interest’ replaces the foolishness of ‘competition and self-interest’. As a result, we would immediately implement the most intelligent clean energy solutions which will positively benefit the planet’s environment and people’s lives.

Healthy Coral

Ocean Coral: This is what healthy Ocean coral should look like – vibrant, beautiful and alive.


– Outdated and Primitive Model –

Based on

Competition and Self-Interest

leads to


The world’s global environment is under attack…from ignorance and selfishness!

In a competitive economic system, human greed and stupidity tends to have no bounds. Even when the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly telling us that we have a ‘serious global problem’, political initiative to fully address this problem has been profoundly weak to say the least. Due to the morally compromised relationship between the political and corporate sectors, we are simply not treating the environmental problems seriously enough.

A competitive system based on economic self-interest…

  • Encourages Stupidity. When political leaders are faced with clear and obvious scientific facts, and yet still refuse to address the problem with the urgency that those facts demand – even when the planet’s whole environmental ecosystem is being threatened…it speaks volumes about the insanity that now exists in certain parts of society.
  • Leads to Major Problems. The world’s environmental system is literally being destroyed – everything from the planet’s oceans to its natural wildlife. And only one species is responsible for this global devastation – Us. If we break it, it’s our responsibility to fix it!
  • Results in the hunting of species to extinction. At times, human arrogance seems to assume that we ‘own everything’ and can do whatever we want. This can include hunting species to extinction for sport or personal profit. How outraged would we be, if another species hunted us for personal pleasure or profit?

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In a world dominated by competition and self-interest, some dirty energy fossil fuel companies will fight a transition to a clean energy society all the way – using whatever means necessary: political lobbying, corruption, etc.

This is the foolishness of a system based on economic ‘competition and self-interest’. Even when the answers to our problems are completely obvious, a system based on self-interest will still encourage people to behave stupidly – regardless of whether they know better! They will lie, deceive, manipulate and corrupt the truth in every possible way, simply to protect their own ‘self-interest’. This is also the reason why we cannot leave it up to national governments to make the right decisions. As many politicians and political parties are funded by corporate lobbyists that represent vested interests, they simply cannot be trusted to do what is right.

When the majority of people on this planet choose to unite and work together, we will be able to directly address ALL of the major problems in the world ourselves. The planet’s environmental problems should be high on our list.

Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching

Ocean Coral: This is what is happening to the Ocean coral today – it’s acidifying, bleaching and dying.

Great Barrier Reef – Coral Bleaching. Survey confirms worst-ever coral bleaching at Great Barrier Reef. The northern section is in big trouble: Eighty percent of the reefs were severely bleached and in-water surveys have confirmed 50% mortality in some reefs, a percentage that could eventually exceed 90%. – Science Magazine


"How can we possibly fix the world's problems when we do nothing to change the aggressive political and economic competitive system that creates the problems in the first place?"


Competition and self-interest between national governments, political parties, corporations and individuals leads to countless problems throughout the world. This is reported in the media every day. Here are a few examples relating to the environment.

News Articles

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"Practically every environmental problem we have can be traced to our addiction to fossil fuels, primarily oil."
Dennis Weaver

"Mankind has probably done more damage to the Earth in the 20th century than in all of previous human history."
Jacques Cousteau

"When you start destabilising the planet's climate and destroying its wildlife, it's time to add yourself to the endangered species list!"
Grant Dive


This System will NEVER work properly. It can’t!

This is because it is based on ‘competition and self-interest’ – political, economic and individual. This leads to a constant state of ‘conflicted interests’ – resulting in endless problems. Only our unity and common purpose as a people can correct this critical fault.


We need to put an end to the ‘US-vs-THEM’ competitive culture in the world. By choosing to work together as a people, countries are united in ‘global cooperation’ – instead of divided by competition. This next progressive step in our social evolution will significantly improve the state of the world. Read more.


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