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Cooperation and Shared Interest

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The need for humanity to unite and work together towards our common good is paramount to solving the majority of the world's problems. When we make a simple commitment to work together as a people, there is literally NO LIMIT to the many ways in which we can coordinate our efforts to improve the state of the world and quality of life for EVERYONE.

Values and Principles

  • GLOBAL MODEL – We Work Together as a People. To solve the world’s problems, it is essential that we stop competing against each other, and instead work together towards the common good of all people. This will ‘align’ our global psychology so that we are now supporting the same shared goals. Global cooperation will help us to positively engage with each other and bring out the ‘best in humanity’.
  • International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO). The role of this International Humanitarian and Scientific Organisation is to support and coordinate the actions that we take as a global community in order to effectively address our global challenges – Economic, Environment, Health, Social, etc.
  • Global Cooperation & Engagement. All IHO Members are welcome to participate and contribute towards improving the IHO and our global community. We support positive community engagement and a humanitarian-focused common sense approach. Read more.
  • National Government Cooperation. Instead of competing against each other for their own self-interest, National Governments should be cooperating and working together – so that as a people, we can improve the state of the world for EVERYONE.
  • Cooperation and shared interest needs to replace competition and self-interest. Competition, which results in a focus on ‘self-interest’, leads to all kinds of global problems and ignorance – war, greed, political aggression, lies, etc. This needs to change. Our psychological focus should instead be based on cooperation and shared interest. Cooperation based on shared interest, allows us to combine our knowledge and skills so that we can all help to phenomenally improve the state of our world – TOGETHER. Cooperation encourages openness, honesty and transparency. Global Cooperation is therefore a key focus of the IHO. Our individual contributions help to support the unified actions and goals of our global community.
  • International Peace. A unified world where countries and governments work together to create a better world for EVERYONE – will result in international peace for all.

We need to transition our world to a more intelligent system where governments stop competing AGAINST each other for their own national self-interest. Instead, they should be cooperating and working together to create a better world for all. Humanity needs to be united in its purpose and vision based on the values of cooperation and shared interest. This is the right path forward for us as a people.

A unified approach based on cooperation and shared-interest will produce positive engagement and good relations between all countries and people. This is because it is a model which encourages EVERYONE to contribute positively and submit their best ideas so that WE CAN ALL BENEFIT as a global society. A model based on this kind of ‘positive engagement’ also encourages genuine honesty, truth and open transparency.

Psychologically – this is a phenomenally more intelligent model compared to the globally competitive, aggressive and destructive model used today.

Global Model


– Outdated and Primitive –

Based on

Competition and Self-Interest

leads to


There is no unity today. We don’t work together as a people – we compete AGAINST each other!

For centuries, a global system based on the values of economic ‘competition and self-interest’ has divided us a people. It has placed us in conflict and opposition to each other. It has bought out the worst and most aggressive behaviour in humanity. And foolishly, we have allowed it to dominate and control our lives.

This aggressive system…

  • Creates Divisions in the world. A system which pits countries, governments, businesses and people AGAINST each other in constant economic competition and self-interest, can NEVER lead to real peace in the world.
  • Causes Conflicts. This system creates endless conflicts and problems in the world due to the ‘conflicted interests’ that result from competitive self-interest – whether political, economic, individual or otherwise.
  • Encourages selfish and aggressive behaviour. A system based on competition inevitably leads to self-centred, aggressive and foolish behaviour.

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As a society, our current competitive system actually creates the world’s problems…which we then have to try and fix. Simply put – this is insane!

Many charities spend their time fire-fighting endless social, economic and environmental ‘symptomatic’ problems created by this dysfunctional system. The wealth gap and inequality between rich and poor continues to grow ever-wider. The economic stresses on many people’s lives are increasing. The cost of living keeps rising, yet wages remain restrictive and low. The environmental problems are not being treated seriously enough. Population demands are increasing. Conflicts are still flaring up around the world. And there is not a single intelligent political solution in sight!

The simple truth is – the existing system is fundamentally flawed…and has been for centuries! As political thinking is often limited in every possible respect (vision, intelligence, integrity, etc) and is typically short-term in its focus (based on election cycles), the political system is incapable of addressing these problems. The state of the world therefore just goes from bad to worse!

Another major problem is that a ‘competitive system based on self-interest’ predictably produces immoral behaviour in people. It actually encourages lies, deceit, hypocrisy, manipulation and many other forms of psychologically destructive thinking. It brings out the worst in people! Politicians and governments will sell weapons for profit, while at the same time proclaiming to stand for peace. They will turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in countries when their own self-interest is involved. In this kind of system, political hypocrisy is considered ‘normal behaviour’.

Acts of constant political, military and economic aggression will be carried out by all governments towards each other, which inevitably leads to similar acts of retaliation.

This totally insane behaviour would NEVER HAPPEN if governments were aligned towards common and shared interests.

This aggressive and competitive system leads to increasingly aggressive and insane behaviour around the world. It is primitive. It is destructive to people lives. It is harmful to the planet and its many species. It needs to be urgently transitioned to a more intelligent and supportive system.

Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan: “There continues to be finger pointing and name calling in the Security Council”

International lack of unity. Kofi Annan resigns as UN-Arab League joint special envoy to Syria. He said the problems were “compounded by the disunity of the international community” – BBC Website


"How can we possibly fix the world's problems when we do nothing to change the aggressive political and economic competitive system that creates the problems in the first place?"


Competition and self-interest between national governments, political parties, corporations and individuals leads to countless problems throughout the world. This is reported in the media every day. Here are a few examples relating to politics.

News Articles

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"Too many promises are made and then the money does not come for the projects -- that must end," said Merkel, adding that the world currently had no humanitarian system that was "compatible with the future."
Angela Merkel, German Chancellor
UN World Humanitarian Summit 2016

"Our task is to unite humanity throughout the world."
Nelson Mandela
First Meeting with 'The Elders', 2007


This System will NEVER work properly. It can’t!

This is because it is based on ‘competition and self-interest’ – political, economic and individual. This leads to a constant state of ‘conflicted interests’ – resulting in endless problems. Only our unity and common purpose as a people can correct this critical fault.


We need to put an end to the ‘US-vs-THEM’ competitive culture in the world. By choosing to work together as a people, countries are united in ‘global cooperation’ – instead of divided by competition. This next progressive step in our social evolution will significantly improve the state of the world. Read more.


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