Why does a global model need to be our first priority?

Political and economic competition between countries and nation states creates the world's problems. When we make the decision to 'work together as a people', it removes the conflicted interests between national governments and aligns all countries to a set of shared humanitarian goals.

We can then implement intelligent decisions to fix every major problem throughout the world!


Competitive and Aggressive

  • A competitive economic system encourages people to focus on their ‘self-interest’.
  • Focusing on our self-interest places us in OPPOSITION with others.
  • This leads to self-centred mentality (lies, selfishness, egotism, etc) and aggressive behaviour between people.
  • This results in endless global problems – war, conflicts, political aggression, greed, corruption, extreme wealth inequality, environmental and habitat destruction, species being hunted to extinction, etc.
  • Competition and self-interest encourages people to make shockingly bad decisions for all the wrong reasons.
  • This system brings out the WORST in humanity.

If you NEVER fix the problem of ‘competition and self-interest’, you will NEVER fix the world’s problems. The question therefore becomes, ‘What exactly do we need to do, to stop competing AGAINST each other?’

As you know, the answer to this question is so incredibly simple that it seems beyond belief that we still don’t realise its importance – “We just need to CHOOSE to work together as a people.”


Cooperative and Supportive

  • A cooperative global system focuses on ‘shared interest’.
  • This new focus means that we now work together as a people towards our common good.
  • This leads to very genuine, cooperative and supportive behaviour between all people. A very positive global community spirit.
  • This results in a very happy and healthy world – International peace, political cooperation, ethical economics, wealth equality, no immigration issues, environment and habitat protection for animal species, etc.
  • Cooperation and a focus on shared interest naturally encourages people to make wiser and more intelligent decisions which benefit everyone.
  • This system will bring out the BEST in humanity.

By simply choosing to ‘work together as a people’, we are now ‘aligned’ in our focus. Competition between us ends. Cooperation to create a truly incredible world – begins!

We now work together to create a better world for all people, utilising our most intelligent and brilliant ideas and the best scientific technology available.


No Immigration Problems

People only tend to leave their home country out of desperation due to war, violence, oppression, hunger, etc.

In a new global model where we work together as a people, people would no longer be trying to leave their own country for a better life. We would work together to make all countries better!

The foundation must be right

When most people try to help fix the broken competitive system, they will often attempt to make little ‘tweaks’ here and there. They might try to change a national government or economic policy, sign a petition to support a good cause or maybe make a charitable donation. However, none of these small acts will actually change the underlying aggression of a ‘competitive system’ that pits humanity AGAINST ITSELF.

Economic competition and self-interest permeates ALL sectors of international society and creates endless problems throughout the world!

While this root problem continues to infect all sectors of society, you will NEVER be able to fix the world’s massive global problems. For this exact reason, the same problems – war, corruption, greed, exploitation,…have literally plagued humanity for centuries. And as human population has increased, our negative impact is now also affecting the planet’s climate system, the pollution of its oceans, and is destroying the habitat and existence of many species.

Competition and self-interest is driving the state of the planet and many of its species (including ourselves) to the very brink of destruction.

This cannot be allowed to continue.

An Intelligent Approach

When attempting to fix a broken system, it is pointless trying to plant fertile seeds on ‘infertile ground’. The seeds will simply die or be ravaged and destroyed by the existing weeds and pestilence. To try to implement positive ideas into a corrupt, aggressive and infertile environment, is self-defeating. It is wiser to first ensure that the ground is fertile…and then plant your seeds. This will guarantee that the seeds you sow – grow and flourish!

Another way to look at this, is to think of bowl of dirty polluted water. Some people think that you can somehow purify the dirty water by adding a few clean ‘droplets’ of positive change. However, when the water is constantly being exposed to a corrupt and polluted enviroment (competitive self-interest) – it will NEVER become clean.

Instead of working against a corrupt system and trying to change it, it is far wiser to put your positive efforts into a NEW Model which actually makes intelligent sense. When people understand how this new model will benefit the world, then they will act to support it.

A NEW Model

The IHO represents a NEW Global Model which will work for the good of all countries. Initially, it is being designed as an ‘online model’. However, the goal is to transition this model into a real-world representation of a new global system where all countries work together to create a better world for all people. There is absolutely no justifiable reason as to why all countries shouldn’t be working together RIGHT NOW.

Our world needs to be governed by a system based on cooperation – NOT competition. Where the existing competitive system is creating the problems, a new cooperative system will allow us to effectively coordinate our efforts and fix the problems that exist today.

This transition will only happen when the people of the world rally and unite together, to make it very clear that they want to see their national governments cooperate and work together. Once the national governments are aligned towards global cooperation, then EVERY idea that we put into action to support positive change in the world, will have the full support of all countries.

This will result in phenomenally positive progress and improvements throughout the world!

Core Values

Our unity needs to be based on the core values that we share. When you ask people some simple questions like:

Do you want to see…

  • International peace for all?
  • All countries and nations working together towards their common good?
  • An end to poverty?
  • Equality for all people?
  • A pollution-free, clean energy world?
  • A socially safe and fair society which respects people equally?
  • An environmentally healthy planet where the diversity of all life is valued and protected?
  • Etc.

…their answers – regardless of race, religion, nationality, political beliefs and so forth…are all the SAME – “Of course we do!”

Well then…let’s work together and make it happen.


For various reasons, most people have never considered the ideas highlighted in this article. To help transition our world towards a system which will allow us to fix the global problems, please share this article with others using the links below.


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