When you consider the options for a global model, which would you choose?

Should we work together as a people based on 'humanitarian' objectives? Should we allow 'corporations' to control our future? Should we be 'politically' controlled?


Humanitarian Model

This is the wisest choice.

A humanitarian system which utilises the best available scientific technology to help achieve its goals.

This model represents HUMANITY.

A global model – by default – needs to represent ‘humanity as a people’. Only a humanitarian model legitimately qualifies as such a representative model – NOT a political or corporate model. This ‘Organisation of the People’ needs to represent the very best of humanity and be politically independent. Its role should be to globally improve the state of the world for all countries, utilising the best scientific knowledge and technology available.

Due to the focus on ‘shared-interest’, this model creates a fair and better world for EVERYONE.

Global Money

Global Corporate Rule

The current reality – ‘by default’.

A system that puts ‘economic self-interest’ first regardless of the negative impact to society.

This model represents Corporate Control.

Corporations DON’T represent humanity; they represent their own interests. Today, many corporations are already global and have been leveraging that power over national governments. They will play National Governments off against each other in order to gain greater political, economic and taxation control. Due to National Governments still operating a competitive National Model, they are in a strategically weaker position.

As this model is based on ‘economic self-interest’, it results in major problems in the world.

Global Government

Global Government

A terrible choice – but also extremely unlikely.

A world controlled by a global government – everyone’s worst nightmare!

This model represents Political Narcissism.

Regardless of many conspiracy theories, this is actually the least likely outcome of a new emerging global model. As there are already major political and corruption problems in many national governments, it makes it very difficult for them to work together. Also many politicians – after years of competitive aggression – don’t trust other governments. And the simple reality is, that the people of the world would also never support this model.

Therefore, both psychologically and pragmatically speaking, this will NEVER happen.

To fix our world, we need to stand together as a people and do what is right.

Do you ever feel like you have no control over what is happening in the world?

In an economic driven world, it is a simple reality that many corporations will blindly exploit every economic opportunity – however immoral or reckless, while being supported by National Governments that are often also willing to tolerate immoral economic practices if it works to their advantage. Neither will just magically start behaving wisely or more socially responsible. As they have been for decades now, they will continue to aggressively pursue bottom-line profits regardless of the negative impact or cost to society as a whole.

This aggressive political and economic mentality which keeps escalating the world’s problems to ever more dangerous and destructive levels, has to STOP!

As the moral compass of many political and economic leaders is defective, it is now essential that the ‘people of the world’ step up and TAKE BACK CONTROL of their lives. No one has to try and do this alone. There are literally MILLIONS – or more likely BILLIONS of people that also want to see an end to the problems around the world.

By working together as part of a NEW Humanitarian global model, we can fix our world and create a better life for everyone.


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